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Weather Forecast

Climate:The Namibian summer, from October till March, has sometimes temperatures reaching 35°C and more. During the night however, the temperature is normally below 20°C.

Wintertime, April till September, with day temperatures between 20 - 25°C, but at night it can get well below 0°C.

The rainy season varies between November and April. A typical day of rain in Namibia: Mornings blue sky, from 11:00 the first few white clouds (ideal for taking photos), afternoon 30 minutes of (heavy) rain, in the evening cool refreshing temperatures.

Namibia averages 300 days of sunshine a year.

Clothing: Leisure wear, mainly cotton would be suitable for summer. For winter it is advisable to bring a jersey or windbreaker. Remember to bring a hat, comfortable hiking shoes, sunglasses, sun protection lotion, moisturizing lotion, insect repellent and lipbalm. On all beaches and swimming pools is the wearing of swimming costumes compulsory.

Traveling to Namibia:Foreign visitors to Namibia must be in possession of a passport, valid for at least 6 months after returning home.