Namibia is the Land of Contrasts and Superlatives:

Here you can climb the highest dunes in the world, see the largest canyon in Africa, second largest in the world, drive through the oldest desert on earth or visit the Welwitschia Mirabilis, a plant that survives more than a hundred years in the desert. Namibia is a land of wide open spaces, with nothing around you but wilderness, a place where you can hear yourself think and breathe...

With our individual travel services you can experience the dream vacation you deserve. Whatever adventure your heart desires, we have the experience to guide and assist you. The vast travel destinations in Namibia are endless, be it rugged Kaokoland in the north, the Skeleton Coast in the west, Fishriver Canyon in the south or the Kalahari desert in the east - Relaxation or Adventure ... you decide ... we provide.

We will show you our land, our people and our history, either staying at luxurious lodges or sleeping under the stars in your camping tent - we arrange it for you and to your specific requirements - absolutely individual.